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I am unable to order the unit I want in my state. Why is that? 

Units are only available in certain states. Please check the product description of the unit you want to see what states it is available in. If you believe your state is eligible and you are still unable to order, please reach out to your sales representative to see if they have any units allocated.


When I try to check out I get an error message that says "AVS mismatch" or a white screen. What does this mean? 

AVS mismatch or a white screen means that our credit processor cannot process the card because the billing address information entered on the site does not the match the billing address associated to your credit card. Please edit your billing address to match what is on your card. You can edit the billing address by unchecking the box that says "my billing address is the same as the shipping address." 


I want to purchase a slim fridge or wrapped freezer but the shipping seems high, is that correct? 

Yes, shipping for slim fridges and wrapped freezers is higher than countertop freezers because of their large and unusual shapes. This rate can vary even more depending on where you are located in the US.


My product was delivered damaged. What should I do? 

Shipping damage MUST be reported within five days of delivery, after five days we are unable to file a claim with the shipping company. Please email with images of the damage. 


My product keeps beeping, is something wrong?

No! The fridges/freezers have an anti-theft alarm installed that goes off every time the door is opened. This alarm cannot be disabled and will go off the entire time that the door is open. If the alarm is still beeping after the door is completely sealed shut, then there may be an issue. 


I lost the product manual, how can I get another copy?

Product manuals are found linked in the description of each product on the site. 


What is covered by the warranty? 

The warranty covers all parts and the compressor for the first year from the manufacture date.


I changed my mind and no longer want my unit. Can I return it? 

All sales are final. You may only exchange your unit if you qualify for shipping damage or the warranty.